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OZZtosh LUMA S Guitar & LUMA P BASS at Goathead Saloon Bright Lights Big City
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THE FINEST FORM OF LIGHT-NING WEIGHT ELECTRIC GUITARS. Two players at the Goathead Saloon having jam session with OZZtosh LUMA S Guitar and LUMA P BASS. The Polished OZZtosh LUMA S and LUMA T Guitar is a beautifully machine carved, hand finished aluminum body guitar. SKB Hard Guitar Case(*included in price.) and custom body finishes available.

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“These Guitars are Rad!”-Butch Walker (Musician, Song writer, Producer)

“Aside from the crisp cutting tones, The Luma Bass is a thing of beauty and always turns heads, when performing live. It’s an extension of me as both a player and a performer”-Bidi Cobra (Julien-K)