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After quietly nurturing his dream for 20 years, Brian put his considerable experience with aluminum into motion – and only in 2012 made the dream a reality – and produced a guitar that the world had never seen. Brian Ostosh spent over 25 years in the aeronautical industry, honing his skills in design and machining of highly specialized aircraft parts. His expertise and knowledge of aircraft manufacture lent considerably to the development of his first aluminum guitar, the LUMA.The OZZtosh Company has its origins in the dream of Brian Ostosh’s to create a new version of a guitar – a version which instead of the traditional mix of wood and other materials – is made from two blocks (billets) of solid aluminum.

After the creation and market testing of his first prototypes, Brian and his company, OZZtosh, Inc., introduced these fine, individually hand-crafted, guitars to the music industry at the National Association of Music Manufacturers (NAMM) show in January, 2013. The overwhelming, positive response to the guitars at this show provided the impetus for OZZtosh to launch – globally – its first of a kind, aluminum guitar—the LUMA.

The other partner involved in the creation of OZZtosh, Inc. is Ms. Barbara Rospond. She earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Education, earned Masters’ Degrees in Education and, most recently, Business Administration. Ms. Rospond has worked in sales and marketing for fifteen years in the Retail Industry and sales and market research for ten years in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Her extensive expertise and experience in a variety of industry areas – most involving new product launches – adds credence to her role as Vice President.

Apart from senior administrative duties with the company, Ms. Rospond is responsible for Sales and Marketing activities involved in the promotion and sales of the OZZtosh LUMA guitars.

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