OZZtosh Guitars

The LUMA Guitar is Machined from 6061 Solid Aluminum Billet then hand polished, assembled, in the USA. These Aluminum guitars are beautiful with a high metallic gloss shine or custom finishes. They are extremely durable in body structure and weigh no more than the average electric guitar. The LUMA is sonic, rich and produces an extraordinary sustain, unlike conventional wood-based guitars. The prolonged notes are clear and crisp. Highly engineered and musician-tested, LUMA guitars represent the future in sleek body design and impressive sustainable sounds. 

“Classic style into the future with modern materials and electronics. This guitar turns heads and sounds great!”– Amir Derakh from Julien-K

The LUMA guitar enhances the sensory pleasure of your guitar playing experience.



  • New Guitar Body Technology – “The LUMA” is a Patented structural design borrowed from light-weight, high-performance aircraft technology. It is machined and hand finished from seventy pounds of aircraft quality billet (blanks) aluminum.
  • Standard Interchangeable PartsThe Precision LUMA. All Industry Standard replacement parts. All metal finishes Available in the custom shop.
  • Stability – The LUMA is unaffected by extraneous stage performance level vibrations. It will chime “Clean and Clear”. Low mass guitar body structure ensures rapid temperature change stability.
  • Precision – The accuracy of “Fit” in body construction is demonstrated throughout the guitar body and accompanying equipment accessories.
  • Repeatability – Consistency of sound quality is inherited into each LUMA Guitar Body.
  • Reliability – The aluminum, graphite, or wood combination assures a consistent tune and tone.
  • Enhanced Sustain – The composition of the aluminum billet and neck provides a superior structure for producing long, lingering notes.
  • Completely EMI-RF SHIELDED – “The LUMA” is immune to Electro Magnetic Interference/radio frequency interference. This means no hum, no noise–just clear tones.